Chiesa di San Fantin

The former parish church of St. Fantino is held to have been founded by the Barozzi, Aldicina and Equilia families in Venice’s dim and distant past. It underwent rebuilding at the expense of the Pisani family when a miraculous image of Our Lady was moved there from the Orient and was renamed the Church of S. Maria delle Grazie and of S. Fantino. The floorplan was then changed at the beginning of the 16th century for the legation of Cardinal G. Battista Zeno. As Sanudo narrates in his “Diari”, on the 25th of March 1507 the doge went there to lay the first stone. However, the work proceeded so slowly that in 1535 it was still not completed. The design is attributed to Tullio Lombardo, or to Scarpagnino. Sansovino, who according to Temanza was brought in by Vittoria, added the larger chapel in 1564. In 1810 the church of St. Fantino became a subsidiary of S. Maria Zobenigo.

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