Chiesa di San Sebastiano

Fra’ Angelo of Corsica of the Congregation of S. Girolamo, founded by the blessed Pietro Gambacorti of Pisa, came to Venice from Rimini with some of his followers a little after 1393 and built a hospice in this place. In 1396 he raised an oratory beside it under the name of “S. Maria piena di grazia e di giustizia”, mainly thanks to fra’ Giovanni of Ravenna and the priest Leonardo Pisani, a Venetian noble. In 1455 the oratory was transformed into a larger church, dedicated to St. Sebastian the Martyr, and was completed in 1468. In 1470 the church fathers instituted a school under the name of the same saint. However, the present church was begun only in 1506 to a design by Scarpagnino and was finished in 1548; it was consecrated in 1562 by G. Francesco de’ Rossi, the Bishop of Aura (or Auria) in Thrace.

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